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For International Students coming to EBC University of Applied Sciences

Your dedicated team of Career Service Staff supports you during your time at EBC University of Applied Sciences with information about career opportunities, application procedures and job entry as well as guidance and advice on your career goals.

Whether you are searching for an internship, part-time position beside your studies or an entry job after graduation, your local Career Officer happily assists you in your search. 

Career Online Platform: JobTeaser>

In addition to offering you regular, personal contact with your Career Service Officer, you can also take advantage of our resources online via our Career Platform »JobTeaser«. On the Platform, we advertise the latest internships, part-time positions and graduate opportunities in Germany and abroad.

We also inform you about career events happening on and off campus and provide you with detailed information on our partner companies and their current offers. 

Personalized career guidance>

One-to-one appointments with your Career Service Staff will help you with any questions you may have regarding your internship and/or job search and how to go about it.

At EBC we practice an »open door policy«, so you can come and talk to us anytime. Of course, we also take appointment bookings. 

Career Coaching Workshops>

We offer a range of workshops that equip you with the necessary skills to be successful during the various stages of the recruitment cycle. Workshops cover topics including CV and cover letter writing, networking, social media, preparation for interview situations, simulations of Accessment centers, business ethnics and similar. We also run specialist workshops on how to approach the job search in Germany as an International applicant with no or only little German.

Career Events>

Every campus runs an annual Career Day where our students get to meet national and international companies looking for new talent. These events take place on campus and provide a perfect opportunity for all our students to find out more about different industries and business sectors first hand. Moreover, it gives you a chance to expand your professional network by meeting recruiters face to face. 

On top of that, every campus organizes different career events such as company presentations, guest lectures, case studies, recruiting events, company visits and similar.

EBC Partner Companies>

EBC University of Applied Sciences has a strong network of partner companies both locally, but also on a national scale. Some of those companies have become regular guests at our career events and many recruit students (and graduates) for internships (or jobs) from EBC directly. Detailed information on our partner companies, their profiles and job openings can be found on JobTeaser. 


Our network of EBC graduates provides many opportunities to national and international students alike. Alumni regularly advertise open positions with us and sometimes even become mentors to students or take part in career events such as the Career Day or coaching workshops.

We also run a series of panel discussions in which our graduates give insights into their first years after graduation and how to successfully find employment.


EBC runs a Mentoring Program for students in their final semester to assist them on how to bridge the gap between graduation and entering the labour market. As part of that program, mentees get to meet with their mentors on a regular basis and benefit from the mentor´s own experience.

The European Centre for Career Development and Entrepreneurship (ECCE)>

EBC University of Applied Sciences is the leading member of the ECCE-Consortium. ECCE offers students the possibility to gain knowledge about labour markets, jobs, start-up-knowhow and customs in Spain, Germany, France, UK and Italy and offers companies to attract students from those five countries with all kinds of academic backgrounds for no costs.

If interested check for more information:

On the platform you can find labour market knowledge, jobs, job resources, networking opportunities, info on our summer schools, our application guide and more.

The European Centre for Career Development & Entrepreneurship is a ERASMUS+ strategic partnership project. The funding is 213.611 EUR for 2015-2018. The partner universities aim to institutionalise the project structure.

»The creation of these resources has been (partially) funded by the ERASMUS+ grant program of the European Union under grant no. 2015-1-DE01-KA203-002175. Neither the European Commission nor the project's national funding agency DAAD are responsible for the content or liable for any losses or damage resulting of the use of these resources.«


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