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The great variety of programmes offered by universities makes it difficult for a person to decide on the »right« university and the »right« course of study. But what should you bear in mind when choosing a future degree course? Primarily, the choice of degree should depend on personal talents, skills and interests. In addition, the course of study should be geared towards the practical demands of companies or business sectors. This is the only way in which a graduate can start a career both quickly and successfully and avoid the shock when entering the job market.


Studying at EBC University of Applied Sciences especially involves a high degree of practical orientation through internships and practical projects as well as internationalism through foreign language orientation, including the acquisition of cross-cultural competences. At our officially recognised university, our students complete an internship either in Germany or abroad after the second semester and another internship abroad after the fourth semester. In these internships, the knowledge acquired is put into practice and students can reflect upon the specialized subjects they will take later in their studies.

Studying internationally - Recognizing correlations

Becoming familiar with practical working methods – also in international, foreign-language contexts – makes it easier for students to decide on a future career path. It is also essential for a constant dialogue between companies and academic institutions and thus for practice-oriented programs the business world wants to see. The orientation towards the international market is reinforced by a semester abroad at one of the many institutions that cooperate with EBC University of Applied Sciences. In all specialized subjects, an advanced academic training prepares future graduates to become responsible participants in the international network of a globalized economy. Our coaching concept will enhance and promote our students’ personal potential during the studies – and upon their entry into the job market.


Soft Skills such as cross-cultural competences and presentation techniques are also important subjects at EBC University of Applied Sciences. We also want our students to develop an understanding for the complex issues of sustainability and ethics. Because such aspects are an integral part of all EBC programs, internships and projects will not lead to a prolongation of the period of study.

The EBC Principle - Study Efficiently and Start Your Career Early

EBC students usually graduate with a Bachelor of Arts after 6 semesters. This as well as the option to complete foreign language certificates of the respective chambers of commerce enhances a smooth job entry. Graduates may also wish to complete a Master degree in Germany or abroad upon graduation. Whatever the plans – our graduates are equipped with intercultural competencies and business expertise that helps them pursue their careers with great confidence.

Treppenhaus EBC Hochschule Hamburg

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