Code of conduct!

Code of conduct

We are a private, officially recognised university with many years´ experience in academic training. At three dynamic and attractive locations in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf we offer international, practically oriented courses of study in a personal learning atmosphere.

We are committed to an economy that focuses on people. It is our aim to prepare young people for the complex demands of companies and to help design a sustainable society which is worth living in and which is globally growing closer and closer together.

We set a high value on providing our students with a holistic education and wish not only to promote specialist/methodical competences, but also to develop their personalities continuously. Such an approach is based on tolerance, ethical principles, broad-mindedness and responsible behaviour.

This means ...>

For our students:

  • that they are motivated to complete their clearly structured studies smoothly and efficiently with the B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) and/or M.A. (Master of Arts),
  • that as a result of optimum support and intensive care they can move around confidently in the international environment and
  • that they can find a task which is meaningful and enjoyable and with which they can also create added value for society

for our employees and teaching staff:

  • that they communicate openly and strive for continuous improvement and
  • that they are prepared for a culture of life-long learning and self-reflection

For our partners:

  • that we seek a dialogue and committed cooperation between the business world and interdisciplinary science and
  • that we as a private university have the necessary flexibility to adapt to economic and social changes and thus directly to related changes in requirements.
Our guiding principles>

The EBC University of Applied Sciences is

  • international and globally linked
  • practically oriented and well-established
  • cooperative and responsible
Our Core Messages>

You expect more from an international course of study than just foreign-language training? We offer you not only a varied choice of languages. We also make it possible for you to have unforgettable stays abroad. You experience international flair and gain cross-cultural experience on the spot. In this way you receive from us through teaching and learning the optimum preparation for starting your career – also outside Europe. More languages. More cultures. More experiences.

You are »digitally native« and expect from your university more than the usual communication of knowledge and the familiar networking? We use the new media and digital networks to educate you and support you in the choice and evaluation of information. We would like to encourage you to think in linked dimensions and to work together with us on formulating international solutions.More courage. More involvement. More perspectives.

You look forward to practically oriented projects and want to apply your theoretical knowledge directly? We see our task in tracking down up-to-date knowledge and preparing it in a practical format. We encourage you to take new approaches and help you in the search for innovative solutions. Use our far-reaching contacts to companies and to international universities – also as a stepping-stone into a job. More practice. More experience. More discernment.

You worry about having a future which is worth living and would like to help to solve social problems? We support you in combining business with social and ecological responsibility. We encourage you to behave cooperatively rather than competitively and show you how to build up sustainable, good relationships. In the end, each person wins by everyone learning from one another. More vision. More meaning. More future.

You are motivated and committed to developing into a responsible personality? Nowadays, values such as individual responsibility, judgement, empathy and moral integrity are in demand. A good work-life balance is important for dealing better with stress and conflicts. That is why we attach particular importance to developing your personal competences. Use our individual coaching, so as to make a successful start in your career right from the beginning. More personality. More strength. More satisfaction.


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