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International Relations

The International Relations (IR) Directorate is divided into two departments:

  1. International Office (IO) with its focus on the management of mobility schemes and
  2. International Talent Acquisition (ITA) with its focus on international admissions, student recruitment and strategic project development.

Co-operatively lead by the directors of the IO and ITA, Christiane Kästli and Jérôme Rickmann, the IR is closely tied to the President to emphasize EBC’s dedication to further developing our university’s internationality within our study programmes, our faculty, our cooperations, and our daily life at EBC.

Since our earliest beginnings over seven decades ago, the focus of all of our predeceasing institutions was explicitly beyond the borders of the German-speaking countries. This tradition manifested in EBC University of Applied Sciences’ internationally oriented study programmes which always included mobility windows for studying and working abroad.

When EBC University of Applied Sciences was granted the ERASMUS University Charta in 2008, we moved from only outgoing student mobility to our twelve partner institutions in France, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, China, Australia, Spain, and Denmark, to a nowadays very lively student exchange within a network of now over 85 partners worldwide, now also including double degree programmes.

Further, we see a growing interest in staff mobility in- and outbound as well, and not only within our ERASMUS partnerships. The nucleus of this fantastic development was EBC’s International Office, which grew from one to five members between 2008 and 2015, and whose officers at our three campuses in Hamburg, Berlin, and Düsseldorf worked hard with high spirit and a love for international cooperation to fill the word »internationality« with life.

Consequently, EBC University of Applied Sciences decided to move forward and strengthen its internationalization further. Thus, in 2015 Jérôme Rickmann left the International Office-team and opened the new department »International Talent Acquisition & Project Development«, where he and his team focus on winning international talents for EBC University of Applied Sciences and developing projects like double degrees and more, the most prominent being the ERASMUS+ KA2 project »European Centre for Career Development and Entrepreneurship« (ECCE) ( with four of our partner institutions.



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