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University Management

The university management comprises the President, the Chancellor and the Dean. They are responsible for both the teaching and the administration of the EBC University of Applied Sciences and with their work guarantee the high quality of the courses of study offered by the university. Continuous quality control ensures first-class tuition and client-oriented service and administration at the EBC. In addition, the President, the Chancellor and Dean ensure that the national and international networks of the university are constantly developed and expanded.


Prof. Dr. Norbert Dieckmann

Tel. 040.323370-0

E-Mail Dieckmann.Norbertebc-hochschule.de

Deputy Chancellor

Patrick Wintter

Tel. +49 40.650679-112

E-Mail wintter.patrickebc-hochschule.de


Prof. Dr. Christiane Ruwoldt

Tel. 0211.179255-0

E-Mail ruwoldt.christianeebc-hochschule.de

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