We promote our goal of lifelong learning daily – by linking theory and practice in the classroom. All of EBC adjunct faculty members are personalities with a track record in business. Their lectures and seminars greatly benefit from their expertise and are insightful and interactive.  

The following pages provide you with an overview of our lecturers. Should you wish to get in touch with any member, we would kindly ask that you use the central contact information of our campus.

Berlin Campus>

Oliver Berg
Lecturer of Business Psychology

Steen Bjerre
Lecturer of International Business Management

Christian Bruns
Lecturer of International Business & Fashion Management

Björn Bücks
Lecturer of Business Psychology

Julia Gauld-Ritterspach
Lecturer of International Business & Fashion Management

Guntram Kaiser
Lecturer of Intercultural Management

Joachim Kaldasch
Lecturer of Data Analysis

Sarah Limo-Flores
Lecturer of Business Psychology

Kerstin Klöckner
Lecturer of Marketing

RA Oliver Loock-Wagner
Lecturer of Public Law and Private Law

Scott Mayhead
Lecturer of Supply Chain Management

RA Wilhelm Meyer
Lecturer of Business Law

Stephan Meyer-Brehm
Lecturer of Consumer Behavior and Brands

Diane Rees
Lecturer of Business Administration & Management

Dr. Rüdiger Sakai
Lecturer of Business Ethics

Thomas Rochow
Lecturer of Business Mathematics and Statistics

Michael Schlegel
Lecturer of Business Mathematics and Statistics

Werner Schnelle
Lecturer of Management and Accounting

Philipp Schmidt
Lecturer of International Management & Marketing

RA Kimon Siafarikas
Lecturer of Private Law

Bosco Todorivic
Lecturer of Principles of Luxury Goods

Maren Wiechmann
Lecturer of International Business & Fashion Management

Language Lecturers Campus Berlin

Andrew Frost
Lecturer of Business English

Terence Oldani
Lecturer of Business English

Ann-Marie Stanley
Lecturer of Business English

Liz Helene Vásquez Rodriguez
Lecturer of Spanish and German as a foreign language

Jimena Prieto
Lecturer of Spanish

Elke Schmidt
Lecturer of Spanish and German as a foreign language

Christophe Peyrani
Lecturer of French

Maria Paola Usai
Lecturer of Italian

Denise Gausset
Lecturer of German as a foreign language

Philippa Wentzel
Lecturer of German as a foreign language

Hamburg Campus>

Dirk Aufermann
Lecturer of Geography of Touristic Travel & Tourism

Andreas Budde
Lecturer of Business Administration, Tourism, Product Development

Marion Elle
Lecturer of Rhetoric & Presentation, Human Resources Management

Renate Evermann
Lecturer of Rhetoric

Dr. Elke Christiane Fismer
Lecturer of Organization, Intercultural Psychology and Leadership in Organizations

Michael Heymann
Lecturer of Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Media Planning

Sven Hildebrandt
Lecturer of Dramaturgy and Setting of Events

Ulrike Jackson
Lecturer of Eventmanagement

Prof. Dr. Torsten Keller
Lecturer of Business Administration and Accounting

Luling Lo
Lecturer of Logistik & Supply Chain Management

Mirja Mumm
Lecturer of Cost and Performance Accounting, Financial Accounting and Investions

Jochen Ruge
Lecturer of Accounting and Controlling

Bärbel Saul
Lecturer of Rhetoric and Computer Applications

Andrea Weitzel
Lecturer of Event Law


Anke Böttcher
Lecturer of Business English

John Doran
Lecturer of Business English

Annick Eckel-Daynack
Lecturer of French

Alan Roger Graves
Lecturer of Business English

Hong Li-Zimer
Lecturer of Chinese

Calderon Machado
Lecturer of Spanish

Antonia Millan Verdu
Lecturer of Spanish

Raúl Muñoz Torino
Lecturer of Spanish

Javier Sacasa
Lecturer of Spanish

Ling Zhao
Lecturer of Chinese

Düsseldorf Campus>

Eva Augustin-Rose
Lecturer of Eventmanagement and Eventmarketing

Dr. Gabriele-Bathen
Lecturer of Work and Organizational Psychology

Michael Backes
Lecturer of Human Resources Development

Dr. Ute Bergemann
Lecturer of Fashion History

Martin Bersem
Lecturer of Human Resources Development and Change Management

Barbara Dibué
Lecturer of Creativity Techniques, Rhetoric and Presentation

Ulrich Flieger
Lecturer of Economics

Peter Gröne
Lecturer of Advertising and Advertising Impact

Carsten Jäker
Lecturer of Organisation Psychology

Vanessa Jansen-Meinen
Lecturer of Trade Fair and Congress Management and Event Practice

Antje Kaletta-Bahr
Lecturer of Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Werner Lenk
Lecturer of Project Management

Marcel Liesenfeld
Lecturer of Business Mathmatics

Anne Messinger
Lecturer of Fashion History & Sociology: Textile Goods

Carsten Müller
Lecturer of Work, Tax and Business Law

Markus H.-P. Müller
Lecturer of Economic Policy and International Economics

Jochen Petry
Lecturer of Economics and Airline Management

Eleanor Poppek
Lecturer of Business English, Intercultural Management, CSR and Business Ethics

Heléne Rhodin-Shillingford
Lecturer of Negotiation Techniques, Rhetoric and Presentation

Marcus Schmidt 
Lecturer of Team and Conflict Management

Max-Julius Schmittmann
Lecturer of Media and Communication

Micaela Schork
Lecturer of Business Law: Fashion & Trade

Vera Schudy
Lecturer of Visual Merchandising

Susanne Seichter
Lecturer of Market Research

Anett Steller
Lecturer of Event Management

Jane Townsend
Lecturer of International Management and Marketing

Bernhard van Lengerich
Lecturer of International Marketing and Brand Management

Klaus Walter
Lecturer of Business Economics, Finance & Controlling

Mark Weerts
Lecturer of Fashion Management


Heidi Kincaid
Lecturer of Business English

Anna Bristot
Lecturer of Italian

Stefania Rossi
Lecturer of Italian

Natalia Velasco Vallina
Lecturer of Spanish

Jorge Rodríguez Barbón
Lecturer of Spanish

Emma Martínez Ruiz
Lecturer of Spanish 

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