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Internationalism as a principle – learning internationally is one of the core principles of EBC Hochschule – and reflected in our internationalization strategy.

It is in particular the integrated study abroad semester which all EBC students complete at our international partner institutions that highlights this principle. The worldwide network of partner institutions offers something for everyone: in Europe EBC students may study in metropolises such as Madrid or London, overseas partners attract them with intercultural hubs such as Shanghai or New York City.

Well-prepared for »International Business«


All four campuses of EBC Hochschule run international offices whose associates students can consult for their study abroad semester and its application process. Representatives of EBC Hochschule's international partner institutions also regularly give presentations on the study abroad programs they offer. All detailed information on EBC's study abroad destinations, application processes, and documents can be found on the EBC Intranet. Some preliminary information can be viewed in the Outgoings section of this website.



Our international office staff not only caters for EBC students, but is also responsible for incoming students who come from EBC's partner institutions and who would like to study with us for one semester or a full year. EBC Hochschule is always happy to welcome students from abroad. Please do not hesitate to apply via the international offices. All information regarding the application, courses offered, and campus life may be viewed in the Incomings section of this website.

Kirsten Matthes International Office EBC Hochschule Berlin

International Office – Campus Berlin

Kirsten Matthes

Tel. +49 30.3151935-15

E-Mail matthes.kirstenebc-hochschule.de

Profile Kirsten Matthes>

Kirsten Matthes has been the Director of EBC Hochschule’s International Office since 2012. She started working in international education in 2002 as a student assistant to the ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Director of Humboldt’s International Office. In 2009 she took over the International Office at International Business School Berlin, one of EBC’s antecessors. Kirsten holds a M.A. degree in English Studies and Modern History, having studied at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin. Further, she spent an ERASMUS exchange year at University of Essex, where she followed the M.A. programme in »Race, National Identity and Ethnicity«.

At EBC’s International Office she overlooks everything connected to the mandatory study abroad period, from application to transferring grades back into the German grade systems, especially for our Berlin based students, as well as setting up services to make our international students’ lives easier in Germany, working very closely together with the International Talent Acquisition department. Kirsten is very much into data bases and quality and process management, and her current favorite past time is establishing the perfect 24/7 information system for our national and international students, colleagues and teaching staff. She communicates fluently in German and English, whereas she forgot absolutely everything from her Spanish, French and Turkish lessons. When she is not at the office, she enjoys life in beautiful Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Emmi Brunel International Office EBC Hochschule Berlin

International Office – Campus Berlin

Emmi Brunel

Tel. +49 30.3151935-14

E-Mail emmi.brunelebc-hochschule.de

Natalia Velasco International Office EBC Hochschule Düsseldorf

International Office – Campus Düsseldorf

Natalia Velasco

Tel. +49 211.179255-16

E-Mail velasco.nataliaebc-hochschule.de

Profile Natalia Velasco>

Natalia is living in Germany since 2008 after graduating with an M.A. degree in Work Sciences, focused in human resources and ergonomics at Universidad de Oviedo, Spain. She did several tandem language courses and a study exchange at the Ruhr-University Bochum. After passing some training courses, she started her career as a Spanish lecturer at diverse institutions in Germany. In addition to EBC Hochschule, Natalia is working as a Spanish lecturer since the last 7 years.

Natalia has been working at EBC's International Office since January 2012 where she takes care of the EBC students and incomings on campus Düsseldorf. Additionally, Natalia is the contact person for our international partners in Spain, Italy and Latin America. She is enthusiastic, hospitable and friendly, that makes integration of our international students more comfortable and easy.

Marc Götting International Office EBC Hochschule Hamburg

International Office – Campus Hamburg

Marc Götting

Tel. +49 40.323370-25

E-Mail marc.goettingebc-hochschule.de

Rosmalina Abrell International Office EBC Hochschule Hamburg

International Office – Campus Hamburg

Rosmalina Abrell

Tel. +49 40.323370-25

E-Mail abrell.rosmalinaebc-hochschule.de

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