International Office

Internationalism as a principle – learning internationally is one of the core principles of EBC University of Applied Sciences – and reflected in our internationalization strategy.

It is in particular the integrated study abroad semester which all EBC students complete at our international partner institutions that highlights this principle. The worldwide network of more that 85 partner institutions offers something for everyone: In Europe EBC students may study in metropolises such as Madrid or London, overseas partners attract them with intercultural hubs such as Shanghai or New York City.

Well-prepared for »International Business«


All campuses of EBC University of Applied Sciences run international offices whose associates students can consult for their study abroad semester and its application process. Representatives of EBC University of Applied Sciences' international partner institutions also regularly give presentations on the study abroad programs they offer.

All detailed information on EBC's study abroad destinations, application processes, and documents can be found on the EBC Intranet. Some preliminary information can be viewed in the Outgoings section of this website.



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