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Centro Universitario Villanueva EBS Madrid , Spain


EBS Madrid is a member of the Faculty of Law and Economics at the

Centro Universitario Villanueva and is a member of the "European Business Schools" Group (EBS), an international association of institutions offering courses in economics. The subjects are offered in Spanish and English and according to student experiences: the university is very well organized, good student support, and the courses are very challenging. Essential: Good knowledge of Spanish. During your semester abroad, it is also possible to take the Chamber of Commerce exam upon request.


Academic Year

Winter semester: beginning of September - end of December

Summer semester: mid-January - end of May

suitable for:

International Business Management B.A.
Business Psychology B.Sc.
International Business & Fashion Management B.A.

Language of education:



Attendance, participation in class, final examination


Course list:


  • Spanish for Foreigners A1-A2 6 ECTS
  • Business Spanish B1-B2 8 ECTS (Oral/Written/Economy, Culture & Society/ Grammar. Four modules 2ECTS each)
  • Gramática avanzada B2 6 ECTS
  • La cultura hispánica a través de sus mitos B2 6 ECTS
  • Discovering Madrid (English) 3 ECTS

BUSINESS AREA. Fall. Spanish

  • Política económica
  • Dirección estratégica 
  • Dirección de la producción
  • Operaciones de banca y bolsa
  • Valoración de activos
  • Métodos de decisión
  • Fundamentos de marketing
  • Cultura y empresa

BUSINESS AREA. English. Spring/ Fall

  • Social & Political Marketing 6 ECTS
  • Sales Techniques 6 ECTS
  • E-Commerce Business Game 6 ECTS


  • Human Resources Management 6 ECTS (English)
  • International Business Law 6 ECTS (English)
  • Ética empresarial (Spanish) 3 ECTS
  • Investigación comercial (Spanish) 4 ECTS
  • Comunicación integrada en marketing (Spanish) 4 ECTS
  • Decisiones de financiación (Spanish) 6 ECTS
  • Distribución comercial (Spanish) 4 ECTS
  • Dirección de la producción (Spanish) 4 ECTS


  • High Performance Retail.English. 6 ECTS
  • Fashion branding. English. 6 ECTS
  • Creating A Fashion Collection Seminar.English. 4 ECTS
  • Introducción a la comunicación en moda. Spanish.6 ECTS
  • Referentes culturales: arte y moda, cine y moda. Spanish.6 ECTS
  • Sociología dela moda. Spanish.6 ECTS
  • Sistemas y procesos dela industria de la moda. Spanish.6 ECTS
  • Periodismo de moda. Spanish.6 ECTS
  • Merchandising de la moda. Spanish.6 ECTS


  • Fashion Show From Top To Toe. English. 4 ECTS
  • History of Fashion Photography Seminar. English. 4 ECTS
  • Introducción a la empresa de moda. Spanish. 6 ECTS
  • Historia del traje. Spanish. 6 ECTS
  • Herramientas de la comunicación en moda. Spanish. 6 ECTS
  • Panorama internacional de la industria dela moda. Spanish. 6 ECTS
  • Negocios y viabilidad de las empresas de la moda. Spanish. 6 ECTS
  • Fashion e-commerce. Spanish. 6 ECTS 


  • Public Policy
  • USA
  • International Relations


  • Current Affairs Seminars
  • Economic Policy  
  • European Union  

Spanish course: An intensive language course (compulsory) is attended by all Study Abroad participants during the first two weeks of study. During the first two weeks students will also receive an introduction to the various EBS formalities and the working groups for communication and the business project will be organised. In addition, the subject "Spain in its context" starts in the first two weeks and is complemented by practical exercises exploring the city and culture of the country.


Application Deadline:

For an Erasmus application, please submit your application documents to the International Office by the specified deadlines:

31/01 for the winter semester

31/05 for the summer semester

Please note that the deadlines vary between partner universities - it can take a while before you hear from the partner university.


For studying in Spanish: Good to very good knowledge of Spanish

Application Process

This university is in the Erasmus network, but the places are limited. To apply, please submit the following documents to the IO:

  • Letter of motivation (one page maximum); include up to two alternative ERASMUS partners in the last paragraph of your cover letter, in which you would be interested if we had to cancel your first request.
  • Performance record of the EBC University

In the case of a successful Erasmus application or application without a scholarship, the following application documents are then required:

  • Application form
  • Copy of the proof of the health insurance (EHIC)
  • 2 passport photos
  • Copy of passport
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Performance record of the EBC University
  • Learning Agreement


Tuition fees

The tuition fees at the Centro Universitario Villanueva Madrid amount to approx. 2,300€. You pay these directly to the host university.

Cost of living

approx. 600 € plus travel costs

A slightly more expensive room in a more central location could be cheaper than one outside, considering the travel costs. Especially at the beginning of your stay there may be additional costs (e.g. deposit, tickets, etc.). Some discounts are available with the International Student Card: www.isic.de.


Learning Agreement (LA)

Along with your application, you submit a Learning Agreement (LA) on which you enter courses or modules amounting to at least 20 ECTS credits that you would like to take. In Europe, the number and credit value of the courses varies, so make sure you get precise information.  The International Office and the Dean's Office will confirm your selection and ask for corrections if necessary. The LA is the basis for the recognition of courses at the EBC University and is therefore binding.

Transcript of Records

Your Transcript of Records, the semester abroad, proves that you have successfully completed the course. The average of your achievements is converted according to the modified Bavarian formula. 20 ECTS are hereby recognised and are included in the overall grade of your studies. At least 20 ECTS must be successfully completed during the semester abroad for recognition at the EBC University.



Citizens of EU member states do not need a visa to enter Spain. All other countries must apply for a visa before departure in order to enter Spain. You can apply for a visa at the Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country.



If you would like assistance in finding accommodation, you can visit

"Aluni.net", a partner of EBS Madrid:

Aluni.net - Madrid - Moncloa C/ Hilarion Eslava, 1228015 MadridTel. + 34 91 543 2031

Further information about studying at EBS Madrid can be found in the information brochure.


You must have valid health insurance. If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you are also insured in Spain. However, to be on the safe side, check with your health insurance company for details.

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