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Dania Academy, Denmark


The Dania Academy of Higher Education offers international AP and Bachelor programmes in English. There are eight campuses, where you can choose between Randers and Viborg. These cities are located in the heart of Denmark and offer exciting experiences and cultural experiences for students. The extensive transport infrastructure allows you to explore all parts of Denmark.


Academic Year

The academic year can be found in the Fact Sheet, which can be downloaded here.

suitable for:

Tourism & Event Management B.A.
International Business Management B.A.
International Business & Fashion Management B.A.
Business Psychology B.Sc.

Language of education:



You will find the composition of your final grade in the individual programme descriptions or it will be specified in the individual courses at the beginning of the semester.

In particular, the attendance requirement must be observed. Frequent absences can lead to the exclusion of examinations and/or extra examinations.


Here you will find all study programmes for Erasmus students that are taught in English. However, you cannot choose courses from different programmes.

Further information
For further information concerning accommodation, transport and general student life in Randers please visit the following link.
For further information on accommodation, transport and general student life in Viborg please visit the following link.

The following link also provides general information and tips for living in Denmark.

(Status: 01.04.2016)


Application Deadline:

Deadlines for submitting application documents to the International Office:

31/01 for the winter semester

31/05 for the summer semester

Please note that the deadlines vary between partner universities - it may take a while before you hear from the partner university.


Good English language skills, at least B2

Application Process

We have an ERASMUS partnership with the Dania Academy and a certain number of exchange places per semester. You can apply for these places.

The ERASMUS+ application procedure consists of two steps: 

Step 1: Application to the EBC University

You apply to us for a place at university and for the ERASMUS scholarship. Please register at the International Office and hand in the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation in English (one page maximum); include up to two alternative ERASMUS partners in the last paragraph of your cover letter, in which you would be interested if we had to cancel your first request.
  • Performance record of the EBC University (via the virtual campus)

The best applications will be selected from all applicants of the EBC University, it counts academic achievements, language skills and the quality of your motivation letter, in which you show that you have dealt with your desired university.

We will inform the successful students by email and ask them to explicitly accept their place. If you accept the place, we will nominate you at the partner university and only then will you apply with the regular application documents for the university, see step 2.

If you have received a rejection, you will automatically be placed in the procedure for moving up to the alternative universities of your choice or we will endeavour to offer you an alternative. We will then send you an offer by email. Once you have accepted the offer, we will nominate you with the partner and only then will you apply to this university with the appropriate documents (see step 2 below).

Step 2: Application to the Dania Academy

After the EBC University has nominated you at the DA, please mail the following documents to the Head of International Mobility, Flemming Andersen, fkaeadania.dk.

(Status: 26.04.2018, VvH)


Tuition fees
We have an ERASMUS partnership with this university. You can apply for an ERASMUS place (Attention - the number of ERASMUS places is limited).

For the participation in the ERASMUS program, an administration fee of 750,-€ is due. In this case, no further tuition fees will be charged at the ERASMUS university in which the student is enrolled.

Students who receive an ERASMUS grant can combine it with AuslandsBAföG. Each Studentenwerk processes applications for a country or region; for Denmark, the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein is responsible.

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
West ring 385
24118 Kiel
Phone: 0431 8816-0
Fax: 0431 805416
E-mail: geschaeftsstelle.ki@studentenwerk.sh

Cost of living
A general estimate of the cost of living is about 700 € - 800 € per month. This includes public transport, accommodation, food and other personal expenses. Some international students, however, reported that they managed with less money. 


Learning Agreement (LA)
Along with your application you submit the LA on which you register courses or modules of at least 20 ECTS which you would like to take. The International Office and, if applicable, the Dean's Office will confirm your selection or ask for corrections if necessary. The LA is the basis for the recognition of courses at the EBC Hochschule and has binding force.

Transcript of Records
Your Transcript of Records, the semester abroad, proves that you have successfully completed the course. The average of your achievements is converted according to the modified Bavarian formula. 20 ECTS are hereby recognised and are included in the overall grade of your studies.

(Status: 01.04.2016)



The following information is subject to change, as visa requirements may change. Before applying for a visa, be sure to visit the website of the Norwegian embassy and find out about the exact and current conditions!
Students from a EU member state do not need a visa to study in Norway.

However, when you arrive you will need to apply for an EU residence permit in Aarhus. Dania will help you upon your arrival. Once you have received your permission, you must register with the relevant authorities in Randers or Viborg. You are then be covered by the Danish National Health Insurance.

(Status: 04.04.2016)



Randers has only one student residence, Randers Kollegiegaard, eight kilometers north of the Academy. However, there were direct bus connections between the two facilities. Remember to bring your own bed linen and kitchen utensils. You must also inform the dorm at least one month before leaving when you will be moving out. As the dormitory always needs two weeks to prepare the room for the next tenant, you have to pay two weeks extra rent.
In Randers you need to apply for a room on the dorm website - do not forget to state that you are an Erasmus student. If you have any problems finding a room, please contact Flemming Andersen (fka eadania.dk

The dormitory is an independent institution managed by the city and not by DA itself.

Due to the increasing number of international students, we built new accommodations. The largest accommodations are on campus, right next to the main building, so most students only need two to three minutes to get to the Academy or to the International Students Centre.

(Status: 01.04.2016)




See visa

However, you may want to ensure that your health insurance is valid abroad or get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

(Status: 01.04.2016)



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