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Dublin Business School, Ireland


Grown up in the boom of the 90s, Dublin maintains its position even in economically difficult times. The "green island" can be easily explored on a longer weekend from the capital. Especially Cork and Galway are popular destinations for those looking for the more peaceful Ireland. The economic crisis is there, which can hardly be overlooked on a trip through the country: half-finished construction projects often stand out from the landscape like scars, so that travellers are reassured to soon see the next sheep pasture on the green meadows again.

DBS is located in the heart of Dublin City. A good infrastructure and supervision are an integral part of the university's concept. You can either choose from the full range of courses and study together with Irish students, or you can follow a fixed programme in which foreign students are the main focus.


Academic Year


Winter semester: September to December

Spring semester: January to April

Semester data 2019

Start of lectures: 18/09/19

suitable for:

Language of education:



Attendance, collaboration, presentations and essays or exams.


The DBS offers courses from the following programmes, for example:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Accounting and Finance
  • psychology 
  • Financial Services

There are two possibilities: a) you take part in the regular courses or b) you complete a so-called certificate program. 

If you want to choose the courses freely, you can choose from all Bachelor programmes; if there is no overlap in time, then you are only bound by the requirements of your degree programme. Talk to the International Office or the programme director about your selection and submit your Learning Agreement in advance, listing the courses you would like to attend. The final choice of courses will take place in Dublin, because then the timetable and spatial planning will also be completed.

If you follow one of the three Certificate programmes, you have a fixed curriculum and can only choose two or three courses. You can choose between International Business, Sales and Tourism & Event Operations. In these three programs, you complete a fixed curriculum with core and elective subjects with a total of 30 ECTS. However, these programs are aimed at students from other fields, so it would be preferable to choose courses from the Bachelor programmes.
The optional subjects are the same for all three certificate programs: Economic & Social Aspects of Irish Society (highly recommended!), Spanish or Beginners Chinese Language. You choose one of the courses.

Certificate in International Business
Core subjects: Marketing Communications, Business Accounting, Multinational Business: Theory & Practice, Business English Communications Skills, Multinational Industry Project

Certificate in Sales
Core Subjects: Marketing Communications, Sales & Selling, Management, Business English Communications Skills, Sales Industry Project

Certificate in Tourism & Event Operations
Tourism Marketing, Event Planning & Operations, Sales & Selling, Business English Communications Skills, Tourism Industry Project


Application Deadline:

Deadlines for submitting application documents to the International Office:

31/01 for the winter semester

31/05 for the summer semester

Please note that the deadlines vary for each partner university - it can take a long time before you hear from the partner university.


Good knowledge of English

Application Process

Application documents
Please submit the following documents to your International Office:

Selection procedure
The International Office examines the documents and forwards them to the DBS. The DBS decides on your admission and sends you the confirmation of admission by email.

In consultation with the International Office, you can also apply directly to the DBS. Please submit the following documents:

  • Application form ( as shown above)
  • proof of performance
  • Copy of passport or identity card
  • Confirmation of English language skills (IELTS, TOEFL) 


Tuition fees
Tuition fees at Dublin Business School currently amount to 2,700€.
(as of November 2018) and will be paid directly to them.

Cost of living
Depending on your lifestyle and type of accommodation - you should expect at least 600 € per month. For a single room in a shared flat you can expect 80 € to 120 € per week.

Cologne District Government
Department 49
50606 Cologne, Germany

Phone: 0221 / 147 - 4990
Fax: 0221 / 147 - 4950
E-mail: auslandsbafoeg@bezreg-koeln.nrw.de
Telephone contact: Mon-Fri 08:30 - 11:30, Th 08:30 - 15:30


Learning Agreement
Particularly if you choose the course option, please also submit a Learning Agreement (LA) well in advance, in which you enter courses of at least 20 ECTS that you would like to take. The International Office will confirm your selection or discuss it with the Dean's Office and will ask for changes if necessary in case of ambiguities or corrections proposed by the Dean's Office.

Once you are in Dublin, it will become clear which courses you can really attend. You will enter these in the final Learning Agreement, ask the DBS to sign it and submit it to your International Office no later than two weeks after the start of your studies.

The LA is the basis for the recognition of courses at EBC Hochschule.

Transcript of Records
The DBS sends the performance certificates in paper form to the students and to the university; you do not need to submit a copy. If the transcript is available to the International Office, we will check whether you have passed 20 ECTS. If this prerequisite is fulfilled, we determine the average grade of your performance and convert it into a German grade using the so-called modified Bavarian formula. We pass on the grade to the examination office, which enters the corresponding number of points in your certificate of achievement. The conversion is based on the DBS grade table.



Students who do not have EU citizenship may need a visa to study in Ireland. Please check with the British Embassy for details.


The DBS does not have its own dormitories and does not arrange accommodation. However, the Student Service supports you by providing you with an Accommodation Guide that is updated annually and contains information on privately run student residences and landlords. They will also be happy to arrange a host family for you for the first four weeks; please contact the Student Service directly by email.

Accommodation Guide


Public health insurance
Students with public health insurance should inquire to what extent the services of their health insurance are also offered abroad. It is possible that the treatment costs will not be covered 100% or that in case of a serious accident the return transport will not be paid. In this case it is advisable to take out an additional health insurance.

Private health insurance
Students with private insurance are usually 100% insured in other European and non-European countries. Nevertheless, you should inquire to what extent special benefits are covered. If you want a complete cost coverage, you should take an individual consultation.

International Health Insurance 
It is recommended not to take out an Irish health insurance but to buy a German foreign health insurance. An additional international health insurance can usually be taken out on the exact day, i.e. you can cancel it on the day of your departure to Germany, where your regular health insurance will then resume. Please inquire about the exact conditions and notice periods of the insurances, so that you can choose the one which pleases you the most.

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