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University of Sunderland, United Kingdom


The University of Sunderland is a particularly innovative, forward-looking university that adapts perfectly to new developments. The university has set high standards for itself in research and teaching and consistently maintains them. There are also strong links with industry and business to ensure that the academic and professional aspects can benefit from one another. In total, the university consists of four faculties: The Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, the Faculty of Business and Law and the Faculty of Education and Society.


Academic Year

Semester in spring: February - June

Semester in autumn: September - January

suitable for:

International Business Management B.A.
Tourism & Event Management B.A.

Language of education:



Homework, examinations, participation, attendance


You will find all information regarding the courses at the University of Sunderland under this link.


Application Deadline:

Deadlines for submitting application documents to the International Office:

31/01 for the winter semester

31/05 for the summer semester

Please note that the deadlines vary between partner universities - it may take a while before you hear from the partner university.


Application Process

The following documents are required:

  • Application form

    • 1-page motivation letter in English language
    • 2 passport photos
    • Copy of identity card/passport
    • Performance record of the EBC Hochschule
    • Evidence of the English language


Tuition fees
Tuition fees of £4,000 per semester are charged at the University of Sunderland. These fees are paid directly to the host university.

Cost of living
Expect £1,000 for the monthly cost of living in England (including accommodation).

More information on living expenses/living/books etc. can be found here: www.sunderland.ac.uk/study/study-abroad/incoming-students/


Learning Agreement
Along with your application, you submit a Learning Agreement (LA) on which you enter courses or modules amounting to at least 20 ECTS credits that you would like to take. In Europe, the number and creditworthiness of the courses vary, so make sure you get precise information. In the UK, the academic system is similar to that in North America, where there are fewer contact hours and about 4 courses to complete. The International Office and the Dean's Office will confirm your selection and ask for corrections if necessary. The LA is the basis for the recognition of courses at the EBC Hochschule and is therefore binding.

Transcript of Records
Your Transcript of Records, the semester abroad, proves that you have successfully completed the course. The average of your achievements is converted according to the modified Bavarian formula. 20 ECTS are hereby recognised and are included in the overall grade of your studies. At least 20 ECTS must be successfully completed during the semester abroad for recognition at the EBC Hochschule.



Students holding EU citizenship do not need a visa for Great Britain, but check with the UK Council for International Student Affairs as there are special regulations for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens. All other applicants must apply for a visa, even if they live in one of the EU countries. If you are staying in the UK for less than six months and do not want to work there, apply for a student visitor visa using the VAF1D form. You should then ask your host university for a "student visitor visa letter", which you should enclose with your visa application.


You can find out about accommodation here.


Health insurance
As you will be studying in the UK for less than 6 months, you should have a German health insurance policy because you can only use the National Health Service (NHS) in a limited way. For example, ask your health insurance company about supplementary insurance. Expect to pay treatment costs in cash first and then submit the bill to your health insurance company.

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