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Universidad de Málaga, Spain


The public Universidad de Málaga has about 40,000 students and offers various educational opportunities on the south coast of Spain. El Ejido is the oldest campus of the university and here the Faculty of Economics is located.  

Study Abroad Programme in Business Management, Tourism and Event Management - specially for German students (duration: 3 months). For this purpose there is a customized programme for German students. Important: Minimum numbers of participants are required, here you must consult your International Office! 

All information about the programme can be found here.


Academic Year

Tailored Programmes 2020:

13.01.20 - 03.04.20

suitable for:

International Business Management B.A.
Tourism & Event Management B.A.
Business Psychology B.Sc.

Language of education:



Attendance, participation in class, final examination


1st Study Abroad Study Programmes (for international students) - The language of instruction is Spanish!

For all students:

  • Idioma Español

International Business Management/Business Psychology:

  • Marketing - 6 ECTS 
  • Finanzas - 3 ECTS 
  • Bolsa (Stock Exchange) - 3 ECTS
  • Gestión de calidad - 3 ECTS
  • Proyecto de Marketing - 6 ECTS (student project)
  • Business Communication/Communicacion Empresarial (including "How to do business in Spain") - 3 ECTS 

Tourism & Event Management

  • Marketing - 6 ECTS
  • Finanzas - 3 ECTS
  • Hotel Management - 3 ECTS
  • Proyecto de Marketing - 6 ECTS (student project)
  • Organización de Eventos - 3 ECTS (20 hours)
  • E-Commerce - 3 ECTS


Application Deadline:

Deadlines for submitting application documents to the International Office:

31/01 for the winter semester

31/05 for the summer semester

Please note that the deadlines vary between partner universities - it may take a while before you hear from the partner university.


Good to very good knowledge of Spanish is necessary.

Application Process

    Please submit the following documents to the International Office of the EBC so that they can be forwarded to the partner university: 

    • Copy of proof of health insurance (EHIC)
    • 2 passport photos
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of performance record of the EBC University
    • Learning Agreement


    The tuition fees amount to approx. 2,200€. You pay these directly to the host university.


    Learning Agreement (LA)

    Along with your application, you submit a Learning Agreement (LA) on which you enter courses or modules amounting to at least 20 ECTS credits that you would like to take. The LA is the basis for the recognition of the courses at the EBC University and is therefore binding. 

    Transcript of Records

    Your Transcript of Records, the semester abroad, proves that you have successfully completed the course. The average of your achievements is converted according to the modified Bavarian formula. 20 ECTS are hereby recognised and are included in the overall grade of your studies.


    Students with EU citizenship do not need a visa. If you are a citizen of another country, please contact the respective embassy to apply for a visa.



    Flat in Picacho Street, near Plaza de la Merced:

    In this link of a website you can see photos and characteristics of the house: http://www.niumba.com/andalucia/malaga/apartamentos/malaga/351604 

    The price shown on the website is for short stays (weeks or single days).

    For stays of several months they would be 500€/month, Wi-Fi and community included; the use of water and electricity will be charged separately.

    Isabel López Casas

    Tel: +34 625 628157

    2 Rooms, Calle Gonzalez Anaya 2:

    Mrs. Mariló Ariza

    Rent two bedrooms in a house with two bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, backyard, T.V., internet.

    price 220€ per room

    Tel: +34 952 308524

    Mail: Mariloky_malagahotmail.com, near El Corte Inglés stores.

    Free room:

    Louisse Kirchman (former German student who rents rooms in his flat very close to the Faculty. He has a free room) E-mail: lou@louphi.de

    Tel: +34 646 735109

    Tel: +34 686 229097

    Residence (room and board):

    Street San Jose nº 3 ( historical centre)           

    Tel: +34 952 622049


    Avenida Pintor Sorolla nº 125, 3º E. Barrio de Pedregalejo

    (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) near the beach and sea views. 1200€

    Owner: Mr. Jose Mª Martinez

    Tel: +34 607 550040


    Brahms Street nº 7, 3º B. Barrio de la Paz (4 rooms) € 800

    Owner: Mr. Damián Romero

    Tel: +34 639 389754

    Tel: +34 952 623366


    Street Alonso de Palencia nº2, 2º A (70m) bedroom, living room, kitchen, additional bedroom, 700€.

    Owner: Mrs. Flor Muñoz 

    Tel: +34 685 959093


    Calle Peña/Plaza de la Merced (Apartment for one or two people) in the centre

    Owner: Mrs Barroso

    Tel: +34 609 626472



    Plaza Benigno Peña nº 1. Very close to the Faculty. One room is free 225€.

    with WiFi and 5 to 10€ for other costs of butane.


    Calle Madre de Dios nº 20. Close to the Faculty and in the centre.

    Owner: Mr. Sell

    Tel: +34 659 264000


    11 Madre de Dios Street. Near the Faculty and in the center.

    Owner: Mr. Rafaell

    Tel: +34 655 221756

    Tel: +34 635 806074


    Street Cristo de la Epidemia nº 70, 4º B. (Very close to the Faculty).

    Owner: Mrs. Julia Benitez

    Tel: +34 952 265726


    Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado nº4, 4º B. Overlooking the port of Malaga, near the beach (4 bedrooms, lounge and two bathrooms), with parking in total 1000 €/month includes all costs electricity, water and gas.

    29002 Malaga

    Tel: +34 670 995050

    Owner: Mr. Juan Iñiguez


    Owner: Maria Utrera

    Los Flamencos Street (Cerrado de Calderón)

    Mobile Phone: +34 617 446325

    link: general services(enter)

    Welfare and equality(enter)



    Youth Hostel

    Plaza Pio XII, nº 6

    E-29007 Malaga

    Tel: +34 952 30 85 00

    Fax: +34 952 30 85 04




    c/ Victoria, 30

    E-29012 Malaga

    Tel: +34 952 122499

    Fax: +34 952 616137



    You must have valid health insurance. If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you are also insured in Spain. However, to be on the safe side, check with your health insurance company for details.

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