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Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, Turkey


Study at the Bosporus with ERASMUS! 

Istanbul is not only the largest and busiest city in Turkey and one of the largest and liveliest in Europe, but also offers wonderful weather, good food, and many famous historical sights. Istanbul is located partly on the European continent, partly on the Asian continent so it is not surprising that this city is famous for its cultural diversity and the contrasts between East and West, between Islam and Western modernity. Students studying abroad will certainly be able to get to know both of Turkey's most interesting sides. Bahcesehir University, established in 1998, is a young university with about 13,000 registered students. The university is not only one of the largest, but also, with about 1000 students, one of the leading international universities in Turkey. It is located in the lively district of Besiktas on the (European) west side directly on the Bosporus in immediate proximity to the world-famous Dolmabahce Sarayi. Further information can be found here.


Academic Year

Fall semester: end of September - beginning of January

Spring Semester: Mid-February - Mid-May

suitable for:

International Business Management B.A.

Language of education:



Attendance, homework, final exams.


Examples of courses
Introduction to Economics
Principles of Accounting I 
Financial Management 
Principles of Marketing
Production Management 
Human Resources Management 
Management Information System 
Integrated Marketing Management 
Strategic Management 
Fundemental Analysis and Investment Strategies 
International Economics 
Economic Analysis 
Game Theory 
Statistics I 
Real Estate Finance 
Introduction to Economics II 
Principles of Accounting II 
International Economics and Economics of Integration     
Financial Management II 
Economic Analysis II
Natural Resources & Environmental Economics 
Operations Research
Strategic Marketing
Global Marketing
International Finance 
Marketing Management 
Financial Markets and Institutions 
Industrial Organization and Economics of Competition 
International Business Finance and Multinational Companies 
Financial Services Marketing 
International Finance 
Computer Based Financial Modelling
Business Research Methods 
Organizational Behavior 
Consumer Behavior 
Supply Chain and Logistic Mng.

Other information

Bahcesehir University is in the Erasmus network.

There is a very active initiative offering assistance to visiting students in all areas. This starts with academic questions, but also tips for living, etc. In addition, the network organizes excursions and much more.

Tips for teaching

At Bahcesehir University there will be frontal instruction including practice, as well as more interactive and practice-oriented instruction. Examinations can include multiple choice exercises as well as text exercises.

On the following website, you will find the most important information directly from the university itself.


Application Deadline:

For an Erasmus application, please submit the documents to the IO. The deadlines for submitting the application documents are:

31/01 for the winter semester

31/05 for the summer semester

Please note that the deadlines vary between partner universities - it may take a while before you hear from the partner university.


Based on your grades, your letter of motivation and your language skills, the International Office will decide on your nomination at our partner university. Once you have been nominated, you will receive information on the online application procedure.

Application Process

We have an ERASMUS partnership with BAU and a certain number of exchange places per semester. You can apply for these places.

The ERASMUS application procedure is divided into two steps: 

Step 1: Erasmus application at the IO

For this we need the following documents: 

  • Letter of motivation in English (one page maximum); include up to two alternative ERASMUS partners in the last paragraph of your cover letter, which you would be interested in if we had to cancel your first request.
  • Performance record of the EBC University

The best applications will be selected from all applicants of the EBC University, it counts academic achievements, language skills and the quality of your motivation letter, in which you show that you have dealt with your desired university.

We will inform the successful students by email and ask them to explicitly accept their place. If you accept the place, we will nominate you at the partner university and only then will you apply with the regular application documents for the university, see step 2.

If you have received a rejection, you will automatically be placed in the procedure for moving up to the alternative universities of your choice or we will try to offer you an alternative. We will then send you an offer by email. Once you have accepted the offer, we will nominate you with the partner and only then will you apply to this university with the appropriate documents (see step 2 below).

Step 2: Application to BAU

After the EBC University has officially nominated you at the partner university, you can apply there online. You will probably need the following documents:

  • Learning Agreement 
  • Certified proof of performance
  • Passport copy
  • Six passport photos, pasted onto glossy paper
  • Printout of the admission page of the online application (online application approval page)
  • Proof of health insurance (not travel insurance!) of an insurance policy that is valid and has a seat/office in Turkey.

The host university also reserves the right to decide on admission.

Here you can find everything about the online application.

(Status: 26.04.2018, VvH)


Tuition fees

We have an ERASMUS partnership with this university. You can apply for an ERASMUS place (Attention - the number of ERASMUS places is limited).

For the participation in the ERASMUS programme, an administrative fee of 750,-€ is due. In this case, no further tuition fees will be charged at the ERASMUS university in which the student is enrolled.

Cost of living

An overview of estimated monthly costs, provided by Bahçeşehir University:

Accommodation: 250€ - 450€

Food: 150€ - 250€ 

Transport: 10€ - 50€

Other: 40€ - 110€

So you should expect costs of 500€ or more per month.


Students who receive an ERASMUS grant can combine it with AuslandsBAföG. Each region processes the applications for a country or region; the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim is responsible for Turkey.

Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim
Public Law Institution
- Office for Ausbildungsförderung -
Bismarckstraße 24
72764 Reutlingen, Germany

Postal address

P.O. Box 26 42

72716 Reutlingen, Germany

Phone: + 49 7121 / 9477-0

Fax: + 49 7121 / 9477-1195

(Status: 28.11.2018)


Learning Agreement

Together with your application, you submit a Learning Agreement (LA) on which you enter courses or modules of at least 20 ECTS which you would like to take. In Europe, the number and creditworthiness of the courses varies, so make sure you get precise information. The International Office and the Dean's Office will confirm your selection and ask for corrections if necessary. The LA is the basis for the recognition of courses at the EBC University and is therefore binding.

Transcript of Records

Your Transcript of Records, the semester abroad, proves that you have successfully completed the course. The average of your achievements is converted according to the modified Bavarian formula. 20 ECTS are hereby recognised and are included in the overall grade of your studies.



All foreign students must have a valid student visa during their stay. This can be applied for in the Turkish consulates as soon as the "Letter of Acceptance" of Bahçeşehir University is available.

The registration at Bahçeşehir University is only complete if a copy of the visa is available at Bahçeşehir University. If no letter of acceptance is received, please contact beste.oztopalbahcesehir.edu.tr.

Upon arrival in Turkey, students must apply for a residence permit online within one month. The university can help you with this.


Bahcesehir University has 4 student residences for 300 students each in a prime location: two are close to the university and can be reached on foot in a very short time, two are 10-15 minutes away by public transport.

Voluntary Hosting Programmes: The university offers the possibility to stay with Turkish fellow students for a short time. More information here.

Private accommodation starts at 250€ per month.


Students need a valid international health insurance policy and have to prove this before their arrival at the university.

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