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Study in Flingern, the vibrant cultural and student area of the city

It is a very good idea to study in Düsseldorf not only because the University itself, but also the location are important factors when embarking on a successful university education. The city on the Rhine is often rated as one of the German cities with the highest standard of living.

This lively cultural city has lots to offer its students from the ‚Karneval’ to the ‚Kö’, Düsseldorf’s outstanding shopping street. We shouldn’t forget to mention the Old Town, also known as ‚the longest bar in the world’.

Since the beginning of 2015 students of the EBC University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf have been able to enjoy the advantages of our new campus, which is in the Flingern-Nord district. The younger generation are to be found here among the restaurants and shopping streets and art galleries. There are quite a few designer shops around, which point to Düsseldorf’s reputation as a fashion metropolis.

The campus itself provides a very pleasant learning atmosphere with its light seminar rooms, up-to-date technology, cafeteria and well-organised library. The EBC University of Applied Sciences, with its close contact between students and teaching staff, is in stark contrast to the anonymous lecture-hall atmosphere of state universities.

While studying at EBC University of Applied Sciences our students have very good opportunities to establish contacts with well-known companies. 

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Study in Düsseldorf – the city of trade fairs and fashion

On the one hand there is Düsseldorf the capital of North Rhine Westphalia: the regional parliament, ministries and government offices can be found along the banks of the Rhine. On the other hand EBC students will see Düsseldorf as a centre of finance and insurance, and above all as the headquarters of well-known companies such as the METRO group or Vodophone. Düsseldorf is one of the most successful business centres in the country and has excellent links internationally. In addition, the regional capital of Düsseldorf offers a particularly pleasant living environment for EBC University of Applied Sciences students with its typically warm welcome and attractive leisure facilities.

EBC courses in the heart of the fashion metropolis

This picture of the city is enhanced by the glamour of fashion with its international outlook: In the fashion and media city, the ‚Mediahafen’ and the showrooms on Kaiserwerther Strasse are in the forefront. Many agencies, media and advertising firms are part of this, too. Every year the elegant shopping street, the ‚Kö’, becomes the longest catwalk in the world, for Düsseldorf is not only the headquarters of fashion companies like Esprit, C & A or Peek & Cloppenburg. It is also a regular host to international designer labels worldwide who present themselves to expert audiences within the GALLERY Düsseldorf (formerly CPD/Igedo). The EBC University of Applied Sciences benefits from this energy, as these well-known companies offer students and graduates of EBC University of Applied Sciences a wide choice of interesting work experience and employment possibilities. 

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