MIM class visits Artificial Intelligence startup GERMAN AUTOLABS

Startdatum: 13.12.2017
Campus Berlin

When: December 13th 2017

Where: GERMAN AUTOLABS - by invitation only! Please contact Professor Sadowski sadowski.rene@ebc-hochschule.de   

On behalf of the Masters program »International Management« (MIM), we are delighted to receive the invitation of Mr. Patrick Weissert, Founder and CPO of GERMAN AUTOLABS. The Berlin based and strong growing startup is building the world's first digital assistant for drivers, making access to apps and services while on the road safer and more convenient. The company has moved into one of the hottest startups for artificial intelligence and digital mobility solutions.

In our session, Patrick Weissert, Founder and CPO, will give us insights into the market potential, business model and strategy of GERMAN AUTOLABS. We will also discuss how he, his Co-Founder and his team successfully transformed the business idea into a startup. We will also discuss success-related and critical development steps in that matter.

This is an exclusive event for students of the Master in International Management program. Participation is possible by prior registration only. Two additional seats for other EBC students are available. Please contact Professor Sadowski sadowski.reneebc-hochschule.de as soon as possible if you are interested. 

Further information: https://www.germanautolabs.com

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